Thursday, 1 December 2011

Learned to Surf

Last year, Superchunk released what has become one of my favourite ever records, 'Majesty Shredding'. When I learned they were coming to play their first show in the UK in 11 years I knew I had to be there. Sadly, I am now unable to see them due to a rescheduling of Jeff Mangum's ATP festival but I still managed to design a poster for their headline show at The Scala in London.

Since this is a poster I've dreamed of doing for about a year, the actual design concept fell together quite quickly. I basically wanted their mascot 'Tube Guy' riding some waves with a reluctant cat. Simple...

Here is the original sketch and how it progressed to being the final design in Photoshop.

Tube Surf Animation

Without further ado, here is the print process for the Superchunk poster; starting with a picture of the transparencies, which are then 'burned' to the screens using chemicals and UV light.

The first screen in place, ready to be printed.

The first colour to be printed was a 'dusty' pink.

The first colour being pulled over the screen, transferring the paint through tiny mesh holes and onto the paper below.

Here are the posters, having had the first colour printed, drying and awaiting the second colour.

Whilst mixing the second colour, I discovered a face on the spatula... Creepy.

The second colour is down.

The posters on the drying racks, waiting to be signed and numbered.

The posters came out great in the end and I managed to produce a run of 62, 30 of which will on sale from the band at the show tonight.

I do of course have the remaining 32 for sale from my online store. So if you want one, head over and grab one before they're all gone. They go 'live' at 10pm tonight!