Monday, 21 March 2011

What's In It For?


Here are a couple of recent posters i've completed for the Brudenell Social Club and Late in the Evening promotions. The former being for jangly-poppers Avi Buffalo.

This poster is based on their video for the single 'What's In It For?', where alien flowers blossom and the band run around on a summer's day without a care in the world. Lovely...

The second poster is for synth-noise band Teeth.

Being a bit more on the darker tip of the electronic music spectrum I decided to create a more sinister design. They are also obsessed with aliens so I created a sort of alien invasion vintage sci-fi poster but attempted a more subtler aesthetic to benefit the support act, worriedaboutsatan.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Mountain Lullaby

I've been working with the charity We Heart Arts for years now and I'm really excited about their latest project, a fully illustrated (by yours truly) children's book.

That's the cover above and to help promote the book they've put together a number of special pledge options where you can get your name printed in the book as well as a plethora of WHA merchandise. The latter includes a couple of new t-shirt designs i've done exclusively for the pre-order / pledge, which you can do by visiting the Mountain Lullaby website.

So the above t-shirts (titled Nerdasaurus and Up in the Air respectively) are both available in the £35 pledge package and Up in the Air as part of the £25 offer.

Apparently the pre-order is already receiving some high-profile mentions and tweets from the likes of Patrick Wolf and Charlie Higson (this chap from the Fast Show). Awesome!